Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Vice Chairman of Long An people committee meeting with Kobe delegation, Hyogo prefecture, Nhật Bản

Date 11/26/2015, Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Vice Chairman of Long An people committee and leaders of Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Economic Zone Authority had a meeting with Kobe delegation for learn the climate and investment policies in Long An. Kobe delegation led by Mr. Shiro Muramoto- Vice President Industry Association Hyogo, senior Advisor of Industry Teo., Ltd.

Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Vice Chairman of Long An people committee (right) and Mr. Shiro Muramoto- Vice President of Hyogo Industry Association at the meeting

At the meeting, Vice Chairman Nguyen Thanh Nguyen report general info about Long An economic and social. Today, Long An province has nearly 6,500 domestic enterprises are operating with total registered capital of nearly US $ 5.884 million; 654 foreign investment projects (FDI) with a registered capital of 4,474 million, of which Nhật Bản with 114 investment projects, with registered capital of 391 million USD in total 37 countries and territories invest in Long An. Japanese projects focus mainly in the districts as Duc Hoa District, Ben Luc, Giuoc, Duoc and Tan An thành phố; focus on areas of production, mechanical processing, timber industry … These investment projects with large registered capital: Vina Eco Board Teo.,Ltd (110 million USD), Sapporo Teo.,Ltd (86 million USD), Kyodo Sojitz Teo.,Ltd ($ 26 million) …

Vice Chairman Nguyen Thanh Nguyen said that Long An focused on building infrastructure, especially the roads connect industrial park; concern training of human resources; promote the reform of administrative (investment) procedures fast, simplified and non corruption among enterprises. Long An province regularly organizes meetings for with businesses, solve difficulties and problems for enterprises. Which is the practical solutions to solve in order to create the best conditions for enterprises.

Vice Chairman through the meeting and hope this will develop relationship between Long An and Kobe. Long An province is ready to welcome and create favorable investment conditions for Japanese investors.

Long An – Kobe delegation take memo photo

Representative for Kobe delegation, the Office of Industrial Promotion Authority Kobe – Nhật Bản, Mr. Shiro Muramoto – Vice President Industry Association Hyogo, Senior Advisor of Industry Teo. Muramoto thank the leader of provincial and other departments took the time to welcome and provide information to the delegation, and create a trust for investors.

Long An Economic Zone Authority (LEAZA)

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