Recently, the real estate market is developing more and more with many areas with high potential of high economic value. One of the most sought-after real estate locations today is Can Giuoc land . Let’s find out the valuable potential of this real estate area through the following article.

  • Prime location.

Perspective 3 a high-rise building located near the road surface, next to the greenery

Good geographic location in Can Giuoc – Long An < / p>
About the last 3 years, the real estate market in Can Giuoc has developed strongly, surprising investors. One of the reasons for this great transformation is because of its favorable geographical location.
Can Gio district is an administrative unit of Long An province. The northern and northeastern borders are completely adjacent to Ho Chi Minh Đô thị (Binh Chanh district, Nha Be district and Can Gio district), the East borders Can Gio district, the Northwest borders Ben Luc district, the South and the West. The South borders Can Duoc district.

With the advantage of geographic location, adjacent to prominent districts in terms of housing market and economic growth, Can Giuoc district enjoys benefit greatly from the đô thị’s development policies. Ho Chi Minh. That is why the land in Can Giuoc in recent years has a very high increase in value.

Real Estate South Saigon

Urban area in Can Giuoc

In addition, there are many canals and rivers in Can Giuoc area. This is an advantage to strongly develop rice agriculture and aquaculture. At the same time from Can Giuoc to the đô thị center. Hồ Chí Minh only takes about 25 minutes to travel by Highway 50, convenient for traveling, moving, exchanging goods and economics.

Besides, for many years, Long An province has invested a large budget to upgrade and build a number of new arterial roads in the area. Currently, Can Giuoc district is expanding regional links with many provinces and cities in the country such as Dong Nai, Tp. Ho Chi Minh Đô thị, Tien Giang, Ben Tre by both land and water in the trade of goods. This is also one of the reasons for increasing the value of real estate land in Can Giuoc.

  • Ground land of Can Giuoc urban area – super attractive value potential.

Can Giuoc ground land – super attractive economic potential

In recent years, Can Giuoc district has appeared many large urban areas with land samples with great economic value such as:

  • Trung tâm khu đô thị Five Star Eco Đô thị
  • Trung tâm Khu đô thị sinh vật Năm Sao
  • Trung tâm khu đô thị Cát Tường
  • Trung tâm khu đô thị Tái Đánh
  • Trung tâm khu đô thị Tvàamp;T Millennia
  • Trung tâm khu đô thị Luxury

Land plots in urban areas have both an expensive location and an economic potential. Investors can trade or build business models. All land samples of Can Giuoc are currently valued at prices ranging from 550 million VND / lot. Depending on the location of the project, the land price may be slightly different. However, this price is evaluated by experts to be quite high for a potential real estate area lượt thích Can Giuoc.

The article introduces readers to information about Can Giuoc ground – one of the current potential real estate projects. If you are planning to invest in real estate, Can Giuoc land is the ideal choice for you. Go to the trang web https://datnencangiuoc.com for more details.

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