In the process of conquering potential lands, it is impossible not to mention Can Giuoc. In recent years, Can Giuoc has made a spectacular breakthrough and Long Hau commune is one of the potential communes of this area. Long Hau Commune is in the upstream area. The Northeast of Can Giuoc district is a convenient traffic hub bordering the communes of Long Thoi – Nha Be, Tan Kim commune, Phuoc Lai commune, Domain authority Phuoc commune – Binh Chanh, Nhon Duc commune – Nha Be. In recent years, Long Hau has received a lot of attention to invest in many residential and industrial projects that have been continuously expanded.

Satellite map of Long Hau commune

The development potential of Long Hau commune in the future

At present, the development potential of seaport and expressway areas is strongly developed. Including the industrial zones in the South and Long Hau will be the promising communes of the region. Long Hau Commune has Long Industrial Park Hau is located in a strategic development area, an urban area facing the East Sea. In addition, the industrial park is located near the seaport, key highways and next to the thriving Saigon South area.

Seaport planning near Long Hau commune

Long Hau commune is only 25km from Cát Lai port, 19km from the center of Ho Chi Minh thành phố, 12km from Phu My Hung, 3km from Hiep Phuoc port. In the future, when the Metro line is put into operation, many more distances will be shortened. Metro Line 4 is one of the longest urban railway lines with the starting point being the urban area of ​​Hiep Phuoc port to the kết thúc point of Thanh Xuan – district 12. The metro line has 33 stations with 2 ground stations, 15 underground stations and 16 aerial stations. When the Metro line was put into operation, Congestion is resolved and can shorten the distance from Long Hau to the thành phố center.

Long Hau commune industrial park has been expanded and many projects have sprung up

Long Hau 3 Industrial Park is undergoing expansion with phase 1 scale of 123ha and some land has been handed over in June 2020. Also in 2020, Long Hau Industrial Park has exploited more than 80,000m 2 house factory for rent. The expansion of the Industrial Park complex has brought in many workers and increased the need for settlement of the residents. . Realizing that situation, investors also build many projects for residents, that is why land Long Hau commune is also increasing.

Projects in the area of ​​Long Hau commune

With route No. 7 expanded, connecting Long An with Ho Chi Minh Đô thị, including Highway 50 passing through Binh Chanh – Can Giuoc, Long Hau street (Nha Be District) – DT826E (Can Giuoc), Nguyen Van Bua (Hoc Tháng District) – DT824 (Duc Hoa), Le Van Luong (Nha Be District) – DT826C (Can Giuoc). The project is scheduled to start in 2021 and is expected to come into use in 2025 with the roads being expanded to 6 lanes with a total cost of up to VND 24,400 billion. It can be said that this area is currently a hot spot attracting many investors and residents from other places to live and settle. From there, we can see that the demand for housing is constantly growing, especially in the suburbs of the thành phố center or areas with seaports or invested infrastructure. Investors or residents are wishing to learn about Long Hau Commune
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